Meet Our Speakers

“The speakers have been great. It has been really great to get access to people working to make education better for students”. – Jin-Soo Huh, 2013-2015 RTD Fellow

RTD fellows are exposed to and immersed in issues at the forefront of our country’s public education crisis. This immersion is facilitated through guest lectures, group discussions, and topical documentaries, literature, and research.

Our guest speakers include public and charter school leaders, teachers, advocacy group representatives, and policymakers. Follow the below links to learn more about our speakers and their respective organizations.

NYC speakers have included:

  • Dan Weisberg – Chief Executive Officer, TNTP –
  • Josh Wallack – Chief Strategy Officer at NYC Department of Education –
  • Derrell Bradford – Executive Vice President of 50CAN -
  • Fatimah Barker – Principal, Achievement First East New York Middle School –
  • Reshma Singh – Executive Director at Partnership for Educational Justice –
  • Ted Dintersmith – Producer, Most Likely To Succeed -
  • Michael Regnier – Director of Policy & Research and the NYC Charter School Center –
  • Jacob Mnookin – Executive Director, Coney Island Prep –
  • Katya Levitan-Reiner – Senior Associate on the Education Team of the Schusterman Family Foundation –
  • Sayuri Stabrowski – Founding 7th grade ELA teacher at KIPP Infinity Charter School –
  • Mike Loeb – Middle school special education teacher, Urban Institute of Mathematics and UFT Chapter Leader –
  • Matt Miller – Chief Technology Officer at Amplify Insight –
  • Aaron Harnly – VP Engineering at Amplify Education –

Chicago speakers have included: