Volunteer Experiences and Partner Organizations

“We thought very highly of Deepa. Her knowledge of finance brought a unique perspective to help shape our developing work on community engagement. We were grateful for the opportunity to work with her through the Revive The Dream Fellowship.” –  Kenya Bradshaw, Vice President – Community Engagement, TNTP (volunteer placement host to a 2014-2015 RTD Fellow)

“Frank’s support has been phenomenal.  We would not be able to showcase data in the ways we need to, without Frank. His ability to take a data-graph-wish and turn it into a reality is unparalleled.  Frank is thoughtful, efficient, technically stellar, committed to clear and precise work, and a pure joy to work with.  Through our partnership, we’ve dreamed up and he’s created ways to look at data that I haven’t seen before. Hosting a Revive The Dream fellow has been my best example of someone volunteering from the private sector and truly adding value to the work”. – Sara Keenan, Senior Director, Charter Network Accelerator, Achievement First (volunteer placement host to a 2014-2015 RTD Fellow)

Sample Volunteer Experiences:

Sandy Levine and Tom McAndrews (14-15 Fellow): Through Revive the Dream, we were introduced to DREAM Charter School, an independent charter in Harlem, NY.  We have been working with their recruiting team to help identify recruiting best practices through a series of interviews with leading charter schools.  In addition to benchmarking recruiting sources, we’re also doing a deep-dive on how charters can improve diversity recruiting and attract more teachers of color.  The interviews have provided insights and ideas that DREAM can leverage (e.g. ways to improve teacher referrals), while also providing us with the opportunity to learn more about the challenges of developing a strong and diverse teacher pipeline.

Tara Case (14-15 Fellow): I’m a Manhattan Community Outreach Volunteer for the NYC Department of Education Pre-K for All initiative. I’m learning about the NYC Department of Education’s Universal Pre-K initiative and I have had the opportunity to tout the benefits of Universal Pre-K by speaking with prospective parents at local community fairs and during the DOE spring phone drive. Overall, it has been a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been able to engage with a broad spectrum of families who live in Manhattan, while also helping to expand an education initiative that I wholeheartedly believe positively impacts children.

Scott Featherman (14-15 Fellow): I am working with the Beginning with Children Foundation Mentoring Program. We mentor high school students that are alumni of K-8 charter school, to equip them with skills and knowledge essential for securing a job and succeeding in the workplace.  We meet every Wednesday for 90 minutes to discuss a specific topic—like resume writing, interviewing or workplace etiquette.  They are great kids and I’m glad to give my time helping them!

Robin Manthie (13-14 Fellow): I joined RTD to find a way beyond youth mentoring to improve the educational experience and become more connected to the city of Chicago. The first year of the fellowship was highly engaging offering me an opportunity to meet with principals, union leaders, and policy advocates. During my second year as a fellow I volunteered with First Principals where I had the opportunity to offer my skills as a management consultant to an education leader. Our together work focused on incorporating new timeline management and meeting facilitation tools. I thoroughly the coaching relationship and know my leader appreciated having an outside partner to share in discussions of day to day challenges.

(13-14 Fellow): Volunteering at Afton Partners, I edited copy for a variety of materials, provide communications and PR counsel, assist with stakeholder outreach strategy, etc. Through this experience, I’m learning all about the world of public education finance, how I can use my communications/PR skills in this sector, and whether this aspect of education reform would make a good fit career-wise in the future.

Revive The Dream Fellows are currently volunteering in a variety of education organizations including:

In addition, we are grateful for our other partners and supporters including: